Half Orange Photography has been my online diary for the past 8 years (yep, the archives are still there, yep, they are embarrassing) and has gone from the hobby of a fairly geeky teenager to the full-time venture of this 32-year-old Londoner.

Photography is my passion. I love shooting everything from fashion to food in cities across the globe. There is no better thrill than discovering new places and getting to document that here on the blog and share them with you.

When I’m not taking pictures or making videos, I’ll probably be found listening to a true-crime podcast or loud music, planning my next getaway.

Work With Me

Thanks to my endless love affair with sharing everything I’m obsessed with on the internet, I’ve had the opportunity to work with internationally renowned brands. I’ve featured in magazines, books, and TV during my time writing Half Orange Photography, and have been lucky enough to win several industry awards, too. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster!

If you’d like to hear more on how we might be able to work together, do get in touch- I’d love to hear from you!