Expert Tips for Applying Cat Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is one of the most important aspects of a woman’s look, and mastering cat eyes is no easy feat. However, with these simple steps, you’ll be able to create spectacular eye looks in no time.

What is cat eye makeup?

Women have been wearing cat eye makeup for centuries. From Cleopatra’s dramatic kohl-lined eyes to Marilyn Monroe’s sultry slanted eyeliner, the cat-eye has long been a popular look with women. But what is a Cat Eye? And how do you create this classic beauty trend?

A Cat Eye is defined as an eyeliner that starts from the inner corner of your eye and curves up at the end in a thin line across your lashline. The width can vary depending on taste, but it usually takes up half of the lid space or less if desired. It can be thick or thin, dark or light – anything goes with this iconic fashion statement.

Tips for applying Cat Eye Makeup

Women are always looking for new ways to look their best. If you’re interested in adding some drama to your makeup routine, then cat eyes should be at the top of your list. Here are a few tips that will help you take your look from simple to stunning.

  • Start with light eye shadow colors like pink or lavender and apply them all over the lid up to the crease of your eyebrow. This is called an “all-over wash.”
  • Prep your skin by applying concealer and powder where needed- use a foundation brush for an even, flawless finish.
  • To make this easy for beginners, start with your eyeliner pencil (any color will do) on the outer corner of your top lash line. Then drag it across your lid until it reaches the inner corner. For more precision and less messiness, use a brush to apply liner instead of using fingers or q-tips that may lead to smudging.

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  • Next, use black eye shadow on the outer corner of the upper eyelid and blend inward towards the crease, so it looks seamless with lighter colors underneath. Remember not to go too far into this area as you want it just above where lashes grow outwards.
  • Trace two lines on top of each other starting from the outside corner of your eye, curving outwards towards the endpoint near your temple or eyebrow (further away from nose). Start with light pressure so as not to overline and create too much thickness at the outer corners.
  • Use a lighter hand for the inner part of the eyelid

The Cat Eye makeup look is one of the most iconic makeup looks in history. But, it’s also very easy to achieve with just a few steps.